Finn Myggen

Executive Producer

Finn has joined forces with Silverman Productions, with years of production experience on four continents, 12 countries and 32 states he brings one more experienced hand to the Siverman team. Over the years Finn has primarily worked as Exec/Line Producer for various Production Companies in and around California. In today’s economy Producers have to be creative, finding new ways to give clients and the Director what they need without impacting the budget. "When the number 2 engine of the airplane you are piloting catches fire at 18,000 feet, it’s a problem; craft service being an hour late because a road is blocked is an inconvenience" I'm a innovative problem solver protecting clients interests while at the same time fighting for the best creative.

Bethany Cerrona


Bethany came aboard Silverman Productions in 2006 and during this time, she has become an intricate part of the Silverman Team. Her production experiences prior to joining our team included independent films, commercials and documentaries. Whether it's managing shoots, bidding or developing new projects, Bethany brings her versatile skills and experience to a wide range of responsibilities that keep the ship running.

Joe Gamache

Studio Manager

Joe is a vital member of the Silverman Team. He earned his B.A. from Emerson College, and has since worked in virtually every aspect of film production. As the Facilities Manager, Joe is in charge of the day-to-day at Jay Silverman Productions. As Technical Supervisor and a Creative Associate, Joe collaborates and assists Jay with shoots. Beyond that, Joe brings his versatile skillset to any production that comes to Silverman Productions to help bring Jay and his client's vision to fruition.

Tom Willett

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Jay Silverman Productions, where he previously managed the marketing and advertising for brands like Corona Extra, St. Pauli Girl, Burger King and Ford.  Tom's early career concentrated on progressive account management roles at some of the world's best advertising agencies.  Over the last 13 years, Tom rose up through the ranks to be a senior member of Crown Imports' brand management and retail strategy team.  He recently embarked on transferring his exceptional consumer marketing background into the entertainment industry.  You could say that Tom works in the industry where his passion resides, and is a tough competitor when it comes to entertainment trivia.